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Spa / Salon Booking System

Spa / Salon Booking System

List of Main Features for Spa booking site:

Email notifications on new reservation
Email notification to selected assistant
Email reminder for the customers
SMS notification on new reservation
SMS notification to selected assistant
SMS reminder for the customersSMS verification code against spam
Twilio and 1p1sms providers supported
set you favourite date and time format
set when your week starts
Spa admin
a. All the bookings for the employees listed here date and time wise.
b. the color combination indicates the status of the particular booking i.e. pending, approved, completed or paid etc.
c. each booking can be dragged from one to another slot to change its timings and corresponding employee as well.
d. clicking on a booking we can see the booking details and also change or add the corresponding details i.e. service, employee, date and time etc.
e. in each page 20 no. of employees showing, if we have to drag and drop a booking from page no.1 to page no.3 then the dropbox is used. at first drop the booking to the dropbox then after going to the no.3 page drop the booking to the calendar from the dropbox, in dropbox if a booking is type of walkin then we have to assign the employee and time, in case of appointment booking its simply drops.
f. we can go to any date giving date into the date select box on the top.
2. Booking Table:
a. from the booking table we can view, delete the booking.
b. also change the status of the booking i.e. pending, approved, completed or paid etc. also can add or edit the corresponding service, employee, date, time etc.

3. Walkin
a. in the walkin the listed bookings are booked by the customer after going to the salon himself.
b. here if the salon sets the walkin booking to auto select the employess then its automatic assigned to te employee else the salon owner hiself has to assign the booking to a employee from the employee list (which automatic listed after calculating the rotation setting for the employess).
4. Report:
a. In the report list only paid bookings are shown from where the salon owner can also edit the service, employee, time etc.
b. also given a money drawer amount (i.e. in the morning the salon starts from which amount) and also each employees amount for that day, so as total amount of amount.
5. Add Customer
a. Secrh Customer and add
b. Create New Customer
6. Add Employee
a. Secrh existance Employee From System and Add
b. Create new Employee
7. Spa Profile Edit
8. Spa Time Settings

Salon payments options:
Pay later option
Services settings
Unit per hour
Category grouping
No assistant required option
Customers archive
List of customers
Detail page of each customer with list of his reservations and feedbacks
Client profiles

Stats on reservations and revenues
Stats on reservations and revenues by services
Stats on reservations and revenues by assistant
Stats on reservations and revenues by customers

Frontend pages:
Booking form page
Private customers reservations management page
Mobile appointment tracking
Drag-and-drop scheduling
Online booking


September 9, 2016


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